About Wellness Mamas


Wellness Mamas was started with the intention of creating a community of women helping each other to live healthy, balanced, and joyful lives.  You don’t have to have children to be part of Wellness Mamas.  This is a place for learning, teaching, and hopefully that friendly kind of neighborly support I have grown to cherish in my small community near Aubrey, Texas.

When my first of two lovely girls was born in 2004, I left my I.T. career to enjoy time at home with her.  In the past 8+ years I have met many brilliant, talented, and creative women right here in my own neighborhood.  We have writers, organic gardeners, home schoolers, artists, crafters, and several entrepreneurs with businesses focusing on health and wellness.  I have learned so much from these women in the way of healthy, conscious living that it got me to thinking how wonderful it would be to get them all together in one place to share their wisdom and help one another follow our dreams.

This site includes a place where our Wellness Mamas can advertise their services and a calendar for listing events and classes.  If you have questions or suggestions on how I can make Wellness Mamas a better experience, please click here and let me know.


Traci Nguyen

Wellness Mamas Founder