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Our mission is to provide support for women in all areas of health and wellness.  We are creating a community where women can also support each other in sharing their life’s work and grow their businesses.   When we get together, we are a powerful and positive force in the world and we create abundantly!

Listen to this clip below from Danielle LaPorte and be inspired to what we are all about here at Wellness Mamas!


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This is an invitation to join us as we offer inspiration and insights spanning all areas of health and wellness (nutrition, exercise, education, family, spirituality, business and environmental conservation) with articles focusing on achieving our wellness goals and leading healthy, joyful lives.  Be sure to check out our community events calendar where members can share wellness events and classes offered for women and families.


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Simply share a link to this page on your website (This helps people find us on Google) and with your social media groups like those on Facebook.  The idea is, if everyone shares, then we all have more potential women and families we can serve.  Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook!

Since this is a new site, we are looking to flesh it out with useful articles relating to our topics of health, wellness, family, and business.  We are huge supporters of the barter system and encourage you to barter your services to achieve your business goals as well.  We also encourage you to consider reaching out to other businesses in this list and introduce them to those you already serve in your community.

We are currently looking for guest bloggers and photographers to feature (that’s how we pay you barter-style) on a regular basis, which can generate additional traffic to your personal website.  Please contact us if you are interested in sharing your talent!

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